Surgery Cleaning

We know that infection control cleaning in a medical or dental environment goes beyond what you can see and our operatives are experts in cleaning and deep cleaning of GP Practices, Health Centres and Dentists to ensure infection control. We work within the guidelines laid down by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and have developed cleaning standards that ensure that our clients are CQC compliant. We know what it takes to minimise risks in environments where there is a high volume of walk through traffic and an increase potential for the spread of infection.

Wet Floor Cleaning Hazard Sign

Doctors Surgery


Our cleaning standards ensure that your audits fully comply with the reporting protocols laid out in the CQC standards and we help to implement procedures within your medical facility that, when adhered to, can help to lower the risk of spreading infection.

We work to a strict routine so that we never miss a step and we check all our standards against a rigorous checklist to ensure only the highest standard of hygiene always, throughout office areas, patient waiting areas and within the surgery practice rooms as well.

We ensure that your practice managers are kept up to date of day to day matters as they arise, as well as informed of any changes in hygiene standards requirements.

As well as removing dirt and mess that is visible, we have designed a schedule includes those places where germs and bacteria love to gather; door handles, light switches, desk tops etc. We wash/damp wipe surfaces with a general cleaner and using hot soapy water we remove the dirt rather than spraying and moving it around, making sure we remove what lies below the surface.

We take the time to get to know your existing infection control procedures and incorporate those into our cleaning plan for your premises so you can work safe in the knowledge that no matter what, your environment is not just dirt free, but germ free also.

With our easy to recognised Red/Blue/Yellow colour coding system on all our cleaning equipment, we can ensure robust infection prevention whilst we work in both clinical and non-clinical environments.


Bathrooms, washrooms, showers, toilets, basins and bathroom floors


General areas including wards, departments, offices and basins in public areas


Catering departments, ward kitchen areas and patient food service at ward level


Isolation area