SC Clean – Prolong the Life of your Carpets

In your office building, there is one thing that is in almost every room. It gets used all day, every day by everyone that enters and we bet you haven’t given it a second thought for a long time. We’re talking about your carpets. Many people go carpet blind and there are a few very good reasons why you shouldn’t and why today, you should pay it some attention.

It’s the first thing your visitors notice:

Whether they are walking in from the rain and making sure their feet arent dirty or staring at it as they are waiting to come through for a meeting; your customers notice your carpet, and the condition of it, more than you do. If your carpet is dirty, worn or frayed, what message does that convey to your client? One of the biggest culprits of that musty ‘office smell’ is a dirty carpet. If your carpet is frayed, then it possible you will need to get a new one, however, if its just a little walked in, musty or dirty, then a good professional clean can bring it back to it’s former glory.

It holds onto bacteria and germs:

Your office carpet is like a big filter or sponge, soaking up everything that lands on it; from the dirt on your shoes to the contents of a sneeze or cough. Bacteria and germs love a good dirty carpet and will set up home inside its fibres and quickly multiply. The next time someone walks on the carpet or drags a post trolly along it, all of those bacteria are pushed back up in to the air and breathed in by you and your staff. If your sickness level at work is suddenly rising, it may be a good idea to book in a professional carpet clean!

It’s new so keep it looking so:

If you have recently had a new carpet fitted then one of the best ways to keep it at it’s best for the longest period of time is to book in regular cleaning visits. Prevention is better than the cure so they say and with carpet being an expensive investment, it makes sense to ensure that you get the best return by having years and years to come of clean, hygienic and fresh smelling carpets.

Here at SC Clean, we know what it takes to keep an office clean, tidy and most of all hygienic for you, your staff and your visitors. First impressions are long lasting and having clean carpets can help you to make sure it is a good one.

We can help with a regular cleaning programme for the high traffic areas of flooring in your building and can also provide customised maintenance packages that concentrate on specific area such as;

* Board room and carpets

* Upholstered furnishings

* Meeting rooms

* Reception area floors

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