Computer & Telephone Cleaning

IT equipment is one of your company’s most important assets; we understand the significance of ensuring this equipment is clean, free from dirt, dust, bacteria and remains in good working order.

Computer keyboard Cleaning

Office Telephone

Computer Monitors

An unhygienic working environment could provide a health and safety risk to you and your employees, leading to illness and lost working hours.

SC Clean has a dedicated health and safety department. Our cleaning operatives receive detailed instruction on sanitisation and hygienic cleaning regimes. It is alarming to learn that research has proven the levels of germs such as; viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi found on a typical computer keyboard, can be up to 14 times higher than germs found on toilet seats.

Our meticulous cleaning methods help prevent illness through cross contamination and results in healthier individuals in your workplace. Our products are non toxic, COSHH approved anti-bacterial solutions.

Cleaning Itinerary:


  • Remove particles trapped underneath individual keys and under keyboards
  • Thoroughly decontaminated the surface of keyboards
  • Wipe down the exterior of keyboards
  • Eradicate all traces of microbial viruses using non toxic COSHH approved anti-bacterial solutions


  • Telephones are typically used the most and cleaned the least in a lot of offices.
  • It is essential to sanitize all of the phones in your office to prevent the spread of germs throughout the workforce


  • Clean monitors avoiding dusty screens
  • Safely remove dust particles from the screens surface using non abrasive COSHH approved anti-static cleaning solutions
  • Dirty monitors can have implications upon the vision of staff
  • Under EU directive 90/270/EEC it is mandatory for employers to keep monitors clean